LuxUry Wedding DeSIGNER

Welcome to the World of Storytellers, Innovators & Moment Makers!

bREATHTAKING EVENTS & eDITORIAL Décor meets inspiring florals, professional & Bespoke

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Creating magical moments with an enchanting experiEnce

Turning Your Vision Into Reality with Our Top Design Mastery

We tell a story, your story
transforming venues in to your fairy tale

Syma is a true visionary who produces experiences with possibilities that are endless

We create story telling events, design dynamic centrepieces, breath taking centre stages/top table for the focal point of our bride and groom pictures, perfection floral arches and compelling fresh and faux floral arrangements.

Founded in 2013, by Syma Raja, who has an undeniable mission to create the
most stylish and masterpiece weddings for her couples. Syma lives by captivating
life experiences and being able to feel and cherish each feeling, so it can be
related back to her bride and groom and they live the dream for real!