Syma is a true visionary who produces experiences with possibilities that are endless

We create story telling events, design dynamic centrepieces, breath taking centre stages/top table for the focal point of our bride and groom pictures, perfection floral arches and compelling fresh and faux floral arrangements.

Meet Syma Raja – CEO, Mum, creative director, entrepreneur, tribe leader & floral Yoda.

Initially a Law student, Syma ditched her courtroom briefcase for a floristry kit in the quest for something more creative & true to her soul. Training under floral extraordinaire Karen Tran and The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers, she discovered her calling & set out to master her trade.

In 2013, she set up Enchanted by Syma; a luxury event decor company, built on her natural design flair & avant-garde florals.

Thanks to hard work & little sleep, it didn’t take long to establish herself, with her inspiring & imaginative visions booking the country’s most prestigious venues – notably The Dorchester, The Savoy & The Langham to name a few. Taking the industry by storm, Syma was proudly able to assemble and train her own team of talented Enchanters, expanding her vision & reach.

Always pushing design boundaries, as well as herself, Syma continues to create innovative & story-telling events – fit for any fairytale. 

“I’m a true romantic – obsessed with magic, fairytales & fantasy! It’s what drives me & I think that’s reflected in my work. I want to transport my clients & their guests into another world – into their dreams – leaving them enchanted, with the most wondrous life-long memories. Being able to design someone’s special day & provide a backdrop to their happily-ever-after is an incredible feeling.”

– Syma Raja


Meet Harry; event organising genius. With over fifteen years experience in event co-ordination, we’re lucky to have him. Calm and patient, he’s Syma’s right hand man, and husband, with the paramount role of ensuring the logistics of each event are synced.

Dedicated to team organisation, HR, health and safety and venue relationships, it’s Haroun’s job to ensure our dreams materialise smoothly and safely. From warehouse loading and shipping – to timing and venue co-ordination, Haroun’s logistics and management are the perfect partner to Syma’s creative imaginative visions.

Always going the extra mile, he carries out risk assessments at every venue, whilst making sure our staff members are well trained and informed of what to do in emergency situations.

“At Enchanted By Syma we go the extra mile to assess risk assessments at every venue, it is crucial to carefully plan the logistical aspect of the event in order of a smooth running.”


We’ve built a strong and versatile Enchanted team, ready to design, deliver and support your special day. With training and mentorship programmes, we invest in our team, ensuring the best service, skill and outcome.

We have teams and staff members dedicated to:

Event Management
In-House Floristry

Decor Design
Warehouse Management
On-site Set-Up

To learn more or for career opportunities, please get in touch via our contact form.


As much as ENCHANTED is dedicated to creating exquisite and luxury events, as a company, it is our ethos and responsibility to recognise and help our community, as well as those less fortunate around the world. Both Syma and Haroun donate generously to charity, with ENCHANTED taking pride in supporting local and wider scale charity events where they can. One Family is a charity particularly close to their hearts – a cause dedicated to uniting mankind in the hope of resolving world-wide issues, together.

“Charity, whether via large worldwide donations and charitable events, or small acts of kindness and giving within our community, is so important to me. The more we grow and evolve as a business means the more we have the freedom and a platform to share, give and help. These motives have always been a part of myself, my family and ENCHANTED, and always will be.”

– Syma